Google Apps Setup Service

We setup Google Apps for you with the expertise built from our experience using Apps in daily basis. We would like to share with you the new era of the complete web-based productivity suite constantly renovating!

What is this page for? - This web page has designed for the people aware the usability of Google tools such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Documents and etc. and want to connect Google apps to their domains or their organizations'. Please visit the Google Apps homepage if you need any basic details.

Starting Point

With your friends, coworkers, and customers, you can share information and ideas on a well-designed web-based platform more efficiently!

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  • 7GB email space, 20MB for attachment
  • Web-based sharable calendar, messenger with video conferencing capability
  • Easy to use co-work page WYSWYG creation tool 
  • Have a domain but couldn't dream to own the domain email system in the tight budget (e.g.
  • Trouble-free company email system!!
  • Sub-domain management in less than 1-minute (e.g.

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Google Apps is free and answers all the above needs. It is a custom domain and service integration service for businesses, enterprise and education, featuring colorful Google products. Except Google Apps Premium, all other editions are free of charge, and all the above features are common to all.

EGO's 4-Step Setup

We welcome you to the Wednus EGO's Google Apps setup service page. With our motto, Small enough to move fast, and BIG enough to take full responsibility, We are committed to provide you fast and reliable service for the fast changing business environment.
For prompt and efficient service, we designed the 4-step setup service procedure as follows.

Step1: Select Service of Your Needs

We offer you 4-type of services. Please refer the table below for details.:
  • Standard - starts at $30
  • Premium - starts at $200
  • Education - starts at $200
  • Optional Services
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Step2: Request Information and Quotation

Please feel free to ask about our services and free assessment. We would be able to respond to in 24 hours, and on this step, the total amount of fee and work schedule will be decided for the following ordering steps.
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Step3: Provide Detailed Order Information

Please provide following detailed information to start working.
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Step4: Make Payment

We accept money through PayPal with credit card options. Please click the payment button below and transfer fund.

Thank you for the business!
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[Wednus] Wednus has found in 1999 and actively leads colorful web-based open source projects such as Wednus Window and Darwin over a decade. Wednus EGO team believes in the bright future of Google App Engine based on cloud computing technology, and it develop powerful business application through GAE and GWT for the platform.