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EGO Cashflow1

posted Apr 4, 2011, 6:50 PM by Sundew Shin
[STEP1: Preparing a Calender]
Since we use calender without any modification, there's nothing we specially need to do.
  1. Create a empty calendar
  2. Add money transaction events
    • Where: the money amount (e.g. 1000, -1000)
    • Description: event label on the chart
    • Guest can () invite others option: Cash (check), Non-cash (uncheck)
  3. Remember the start/end date of transaction entry

[STEP2: Creating Cashflow]
  1. Create a empty spreadsheet
  2. Find and insert the 'EGO Cashflow' script from the Apps Script Gallery View Code below.
  3. Specify three fields on the first row of the active (selected) sheet
    • A1: Calendar name in your calendar collection
    • A2: Start date
    • A3: End date
  4. From the top menu bar, click 'Cashflow' button and choose 'Build'
  5. Confirm the money transaction events were parsed and printed correctly
  6. Build a trend-type chart
    • datasource 1: Sheet1!C1:E100
    • datasource 2: Sheet1!F1:G100
    • datasource 3: Sheet1!H1:H100
  7. Populate a chart
That's all. Enjoy it~

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EGO Cashflow - Demo