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Historian - Std Ed.

posted Jan 9, 2012, 5:54 AM by Sundew Shin   [ updated Mar 6, 2012, 9:43 AM ]
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Where it's from?

Few years ago, I was working for a group of General Motors engineers and realized they can be really mean if you don't track every single details of each events, such as where that's from and where it's ended during the whole project time..
After the first round, I eventually developed myself a tool called 'Issue Tracking Sheet.' It is a simple spreadsheet document w/ the list of on-going/completed issue items, and I recorded logs of all the related events and share the sheet every Friday with all, and I didn't get bothered ever since, plus, I found myself amazingly organized in terms of issue tracking.
It worked as charm, but it has only one problem. It works in only one direction. Since it was a simple spreadsheet file, it wasn't easy to absorb many people's voluntary status update or feedback. There were laid the classic 'version control' problem.

What is Historian?

We decided to call it, 'Historian.' It is a GAS-written program purposely mimic the functionality of the issue tracking spreadsheet. (The back-end spreadsheet is just look the same as my old tracking sheet) It has the front-face GUI which provides interface to receive feedback (cooperative update logging) more easily.

Long story short, you can use it, as it was originally designed for, as a task/log-oriented bulletin board with your team members or contractors. Or, you also can use it simply as your personal todo-list or task manager, or be more creative and impress me. =)

How to install on my Google Apps domain?
  1. Create a page on a Google Sites
  2. Insert a 'Apps Script Gadget'
  3. Paste the following URL for 'Select a script... Or paste the URL of your Apps Script already published as a service:'

That's it!
Historian will automatically prepare itself and run as if it's an unique copy for the page inserted, for you and the page visitors.
Please feel free to leave your comments at: 

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Version 1.2 (beta)

Version 1.1